Igor Berkovich

We can achieve significant progress through small steps, whether through video calls, phone conversations, or WhatsApp messages. We'll begin by gaining a better understanding of your needs and preferences, then continue to refine your job search together.

I am a VP R&D with over 20 years of experience, having conducted over 100 interviews. Additionally, I am the owner of a Facebook & WhatsApp group and have been a mentor for many years. My wife is also in HR. I studied Management (HR/legal/economics) & CS at Open University.

I have been mentoring in various organizations, including:
1. ThriveDX (also known as HackerU)
2. AharaiTech (also known as 8200 & Aharai)
3. Gamma Cyber Mehina (IDF Elite Intelligence corps prep course)
4. Apple Seeds (assisting minorities)
5. Magshimim (cyber program for high school students)
6. The Open University (students and graduates)
7. Providing 1:1 mentoring sessions to individuals who reach out to me.

For example, attached is a certificate from the ThriveDX Cyber mentoring program (also known as HackerU Cyber course). You can also view an example lecture in English on how to find a job in the cyber industry, tailored for ThriveDX students (new repatriates) here.

Success stories and references will be provided upon request.

Let's discuss your goals and how I can assist you. Schedule an intro call now for free.

  1. How to search for a job (English)
  2. Golang Intro (Hebrew)
  3. How to learn C# (English)
  4. How to double your savings (Hebrew)

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